Individual Membership

EURIPA welcomes new members.

Individual membership is open to any rural health care practitioner who is actively working in rural health care, including doctors, nurses and public health professionals; and rural academics (for example, medical, rural health special interest).  Individuals interested in rural health, rural health care issues and EURIPA are also invited to become members of EURIPA.

Joining EURIPA offers members:

  • Discount of 25% on the registration fee at EURIPA’s annual Rural Health Forum (limited to three delegates for an organisational member)
  • Involvement in EURIPA projects
  • Vote at the AGM for Officers and the Executive Committee
  • Newsletter – the Grapevine and a restricted newsletter for members
  • Members only area of the web site
  • Certificate of membership

When you register for membership, you will need to be able to make your payment at the same time to become a EURIPA member. The EURIPA Executive Committee will then approve your membership at its next meeting.

Click Here to Become a Member

Type 1 year 3 years
Individual membership €40 €90
Low income countries * €30 €70
Students and young doctors ** €20 €50

* Low income countries are: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.
** Young doctors < five years after post-graduation