Abstract Book for the 11th EURIPA Rural Health Forum

The Abstract Book for the 11th Rural Health Forum in Catania has also been published: Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine Special Edition 2022 (vol. 31)

2022 Public

Blueprint for Rural Practice in Europe

The EURIPA Blueprint for Rural Practice in Europe replaces the original Charter for Rural Practice drawn up at EURIPA's inaugural meeting in Palma, Majorca in June 1997. The Charter aimed to set the standard for rural practice throughout the region. Like the first document, the Blueprint aims...

2022 Public

Patient consultations during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a mixed-method cross-sectional study in 16 European countries

In October 2022 EURIPA research following the COVID-19 pandemic was published: Petrazzuoli F, Gokdemir O, Antonopoulou M, Blahova B, Mrduljaš-Đujić N, Dumitra G, Falanga R, Ferreira M, Gintere S, Hatipoglu S, Jacquet J, Javorská K, Kareli A, Mohos A, Naimer S, Tkachenko V, Tomaci...

2022 Public

10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum Abstract Book

"Understanding our Patients - working closely together." 10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum Abstract Book, 23 - 25th September 2021

2021 Public

The pros and cons of the implementation of a chronic care model in European rural primary care: the points of view of European rural general practitio

EURIPA's research on chronic care was published in August 2021. Kurpas D, Petrazzuoli F, Szwamel K, Randall-Smith J, Blahova B, Dumitra G, Javorská K, Mohos A, Simões JA, Tkachenko V, Kern J, Holland C, Gwyther H.

2021 Public

A framework for improving patient safety in European rural practice

This Framework is a tool to help you understand the culture of your practice in relation to patient safety. It has been developed from the Manchester Patient Framework to make it more relevant and easier to use for rural primary care practices across Europe.

2013 Public

European Charter to Rural Practice

EURIPA developed a European Charter for Rural Practice when it was first established in 1997.  The Charter was revised in 2006.

2006 Public

BIOMED 2 - A collaborative analysis of public health and health service issues in rural areas

Aims and objectives: Overall aim of the project was to examine the evidence available on public health and health services in rural areas in European countries. Its specific objectives were: (1) To review the existing scientific knowledge of public health and health service issues including the i...

1999 Public

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