The Carosino Prize

In 2011 Dr Claudio Carosino, an Italian Rural General Practitioner, an active member of EURIPA and a member of the Executive Committee was murdered by one of his patients.  In memory of Claudio the European Young Family Doctors Movement (EYFDM) and EURIPA created a prize for the best completed individual Hippokrates exchange to a rural practice.

Hippokrates is an exchange programme for medical doctors specialising in Family Medicine/General Practice and junior Family Doctors/General Practitioners (within 5 years of completing specialty training). The programme is supported by WONCA Europe and by the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT).

The aim of Hippokrates is to encourage exchange and mobility among young doctors in the course of their professional development as General Practitioners, thus providing a broader perspective to the concepts of Family Medicine at both professional and personal levels.

Young doctors have to apply to participate in an Hippokrates Exchange with one of the participating practices.  To be eligible for the Claudio Carosino prize the exchange must be to a rural practice. More information is available on the website for the European Young Family Doctors Movement.