Covid 19

In mid 2020, about three months into the pandemic, EURIPA undertook a survey on the management and impact of the Covid 19 pandemic in rural primary care across Europe.  At the time there was not have a good understanding of what was happening across rural Europe and EURIPA disseminated a survey through the EURIPA International Advisory Board.  

The first paper was published in 2022:

Patient consultations during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a mixed-method cross-sectional study in 16 European countries
Petrazzuoli F, Gokdemir O, Antonopoulou M, Blahova B, Mrduljaš-Đujić N, Dumitra G, Falanga R, Ferreira M, Gintere S, Hatipoglu S, Jacquet J, Javorská K, Kareli A, Mohos A, Naimer S, Tkachenko V, Tomacinschii A, Randall-Smith J, Kurpas D.